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When it comes to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, many of you might find that timing is critical, especially in a gym setting. A dedicated gym timer is a staple in fitness centers and home gyms alike. These devices help you track your workouts, manage rest periods, and keep you on pace for high-intensity training like HIIT or Tabata. Unlike a regular clock, gym timers typically provide clear, loud alerts and large displays that you can read from a distance or during a quick glance in the midst of a tough workout.

Choosing the right gym timer can greatly influence the efficiency and structure of your workouts. They vary widely in terms of features, size, visibility, and programmability. Some timers offer basic countdown and stopwatch functions, while others are equipped with more advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and app integration for programmable routines.

When you’re in the market for a gym timer, it’s vital to consider the size and clarity of the display, ease of use, and the ability to program multiple workout formats that suit your regimen. Durability and resistance to gym environments are also key factors, considering they will be exposed to sweat and the occasional accidental impact from gym equipment. With the right timer, you can keep all your focus on pushing your limits without worrying about losing track of time.

As you transition into the next section, think about the specifics of what you need from a gym timer. Whether you’re a professional trainer, a gym owner, or simply someone keen on keeping up with their fitness goals, the following recommendations will cater to the diverse needs and preferences that you may have.

Top Picks for Gym Timers

Whether you’re smashing a HIIT session or counting down the rests between sets, a reliable gym timer is your workout wingman. Finding one that fits your space and training style is key to keeping those fitness goals on track. So, if you’re ready to elevate your workout routine, check out this list of top-notch gym timers that we’ve put together just for you. Get ready to push your limits with precision!

ANJANK Portable Timer

ANJANK Portable Gym Timer

When you’re aiming to boost your workouts, the ANJANK Portable Timer could be your new gym buddy for its versatility and portability.


  • Multiple timing modes adapt to varied workout plans
  • Strong magnet and portable design make it gym-equipment friendly
  • Volume is customizable, including a mute option


  • Might take a while to learn all the functions
  • The included charging cord could be more durable
  • The screen might be too small for some preferences

To help your workouts stay on track, this nifty gadget offers an array of timing modes. Whether you’re into high-intensity intervals or more traditional exercises, it’s got you covered with settings like Tabata and EMOM. Handy, huh?

With workouts becoming increasingly sophisticated, a timer that can keep pace is a must. The ANJANK’s customizability lets you set intervals and countdowns that fit the complexity of your regime. And don’t fret about losing track of time; this timer cues you in when it’s time to switch gears.

Functionality doesn’t come at the expense of convenience. This compact little timekeeper won’t cramp your style or your gym bag. Neither will it slip away during crunch time, thanks to a strong built-in magnet that latches onto metallic surfaces with ease.


BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer

Your workouts could reach a new level with this gym timer, guiding you through your exercises with its clear display and various modes.


  • Variety of features including pre-programmed Tabata and FGB settings
  • Remote control functionality makes for convenient operation during workouts
  • Storage for 10 different interval settings caters to versatile training plans


  • Limited visibility in larger gym spaces due to its size
  • Fully dependent on remote control for operation
  • Must remain plugged in, restricting placement flexibility

This BTBSIGN Timer ensures you’re not fumbling with your phone mid-workout, neatly organising your garage gym sessions. It prominently displays bright LED digits, which means you can stay focused on those last crucial reps instead of squinting at a clock. With pre-programmed workouts already set up, you’re ready to hit the ground running – or lifting, for that matter.

A variety of features are at your fingertips with this handy timer. Its wireless remote lets you switch between functions seamlessly – no need to pause and lose that momentum. Whether you’re aiming for a HIIT session or a classic boxing round format, this device’s custom interval modes have you covered.

On the flip side, if you’re training in a spacious gym, its 11-inch size could be a tad small. Plus, make sure to keep that remote close; losing it would be like losing the keys to your workout kingdom. And while having to stay plugged in isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it does mean placement requires some thought – best to plan your socket situation ahead of time.

LUCORB Gym Timer

LUCORB Gym Timer

If you’re in search of a gym timer that’s easy to take along and packed with features, this might be your match.


  • Offers a variety of training modes, suitable for different workout schemas
  • Visibility is enhanced by the clear, bright display
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery for continuous use


  • Some may find the programming non-intuitive
  • The alarm tone is fixed and may not appeal to everyone
  • More compact than some may prefer, which can impact visibility from a distance

Starting with a workout routine requires discipline, and a reliable gym timer can be an essential tool for keeping you on track. The LUCORB Gym Timer brings versatility to the table with its array of pre-programmed workout modes. Whether it’s Tabata, EMOM, HIIT, or custom intervals, this device is structured to accommodate your preferred exercise format. Its portability is another advantage, allowing you to attach it easily to gym equipment or bring it outside.

A seamless workout flow is often disrupted when you have to fiddle with your timer, but this timer aims to reduce that friction. With a straightforward display that includes a time progress bar and rounds, you can conveniently track your training phases. The built-in speaker’s countdown ensures you’re ready for each round, contributing to a focused and efficient session.

The convenience of a rechargeable battery means one less thing to worry about when preparing for your workout. However, every product has its drawbacks. Not every user will find the setup process intuitive, and adjusting to the device might take some patience. Additionally, the alarm tone is not customizable, which might be a minor annoyance for some. Lastly, the compact size of the LUCORB Gym Timer, although beneficial for portability, could pose a challenge if you’re trying to view it from afar.

In summary, this timer is a compact, versatile, and user-efficient option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who value a structured training routine but are also looking for convenience on the go.

Seesii Gym Timer

Seesii Gym Timer

This Seesii Gym Timer could be your new workout companion, offering a variety of timing functions to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.


  • Versatile with numerous preset workout modes
  • Adjustable brightness and audible buzzer for varied gym environments
  • Power bank compatibility for outdoor usage


  • Remote control has limited range
  • No onboard controls necessitate the use of the remote
  • Some users may find programming not intuitive

Gym enthusiasts often seek tools to enhance their training efficiency. The Seesii Gym Timer is designed to be that tool, effectively tracking your workouts with its multi-functional capabilities. Its crystal clear LED display and adjustable brightness mean you can easily see the timer, no matter how brightly lit your gym is.

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One of the standout qualities of this timer is its flexibility. Whether you’re into high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or preparing for an MMA fight, the pre-set workout programs are likely to meet your needs. Moreover, the ability to design your own intervals ensures your workouts can be as varied as you want them to be.

Outdoor workouts are increasingly popular, and this timer’s compatibility with power banks means you can take your training to the park or your backyard without hassles. However, do keep in mind that the remote is your only way to control the timer, as it lacks on-device buttons, which might be inconvenient if misplaced. Programming the timer may require a bit of patience, but once mastered, the functionality is generally appreciated by users.

LUCORB Gym Buddy

LUCORB Gym Timer

Consider the LUCORB Gym Buddy for a versatile workout companion, offering a large display and multiple modes to keep your fitness routine on track.


  • Large, easy-to-read digits with adjustable brightness
  • A host of features including countdown, stopwatch, and interval modes
  • Mountable on wall or freestanding for versatility in placement


  • May require referencing the manual for initial setup
  • Remote functionality can be finicky
  • Aesthetic design may not appeal to all users

The LUCORB Gym Timer provides a crisp and clear display you can glance at from across the room, ensuring no interruptions in your workout flow. The automatic brightness adjustment works seamlessly, adapting to changing room light conditions and safeguarding against any eye strain.

With this timer, planning your workouts becomes a breeze. The interval training functions and preset modes offer flexibility, making it a reliable partner whether you’re sparring in MMA or pushing through a HIIT session. The progress bar is a nifty addition, visually cueing you into how much you’ve completed and how far you still have to go.

Despite these advantages, some users find the remote does not always respond as expected, which can be a minor annoyance. But once you’re over the learning curve, you get a gym timer that fulfills most of your needs, without the need to constantly reach for your phone to keep track of your intervals. The unique color scheme may also not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it stands out in a sea of monotonous gym equipment.

SLEVIO Fitness Timer

SLEVIO Portable Gym Timer

If you’re in the market for a compact gym companion to track your workouts, this SLEVIO Timer could be your pick.


  • Diverse functionality with 10 different timer settings catering to various workout regimes.
  • Compact, pocket-sized design ensuring portability and convenience.
  • Strong built-in magnet for secure placement on metal surfaces during intense workouts.


  • Limited battery life which may require frequent recharging for heavy users.
  • Screen durability concerns raised by some users.
  • Smaller display size might not suit everyone’s preference, especially from a distance.

Exercise routines often demand focus and precision, and the SLEVIO Fitness Timer stands ready to guide you through your sweat sessions. It boasts a plethora of features purpose-built for the active individual, like you, who juggles various workout formats. Its compact design garners praise, slipping easily into your pocket, liberating you from lugging around bulky timers.

The convenience this timer brings to the table is unmatched. Simply attach it to any metal surface, thanks to its strong magnet, and you’re ready to tackle that HIIT sequence or Tabata set. Its discreet size ensures it won’t be in the way as you transition between exercises. Even outdoor warriors find its display legible under the glare of the sun which is a boon for those park boot camps or backyard burpees.

However, perfection is elusive. Some users have encountered issues with screen peeling, hinting at potential durability concerns. Also, if you’re planning back-to-back marathon sessions, keep an eye on the 30-hour battery life that might necessitate a recharge. Lastly, while the compact size scores high on portability, it may sacrifice visibility for those relying on it from across a spacious gym floor.

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All in all, your fitness journey deserves a reliable timer, and the SLEVIO Fitness Timer provides a solid, though not flawless, contender. It meets most needs with a user-friendly interface and varied settings. Keep the cons in mind, but don’t let them deter you; after all, no workout partner is perfect, but this one gets a lot right.

Choosing the Right Gym Timer

When setting up your home gym, the right gym timer can be as crucial as selecting the best chest fly machine or finding the top treadmills under $1500. It’s essential to consider both your budget and desired features to enhance your workout routine.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re looking for an affordable gym timer that doesn’t sacrifice quality, the BTBSIGN Gym Timer is a solid choice. With functionality that covers basic needs like countdowns, count-ups, and stopwatch features, you’ll get a reliable piece of equipment without breaking the bank.

  • Price: Moderate; typically found under $55.

The SLEVIO Portable Gym Timer offers convenience in a compact form. Easy to carry and equipped with magnets for quick mounting, this timer ensures visibility and accessibility during workouts.

  • Portability: High
  • Mounting: Magnetic, versatile placement

Premium Models with Advanced Features

When you’re serious about your training and willing to invest more, the Rogue Echo Gym Timer stands out with its robust set of features. It’s designed for those who need precise control over their workout segments for activities like Tabata or HIIT.

  • Customizability: Excellent; allows for multiple interval programs
  • Remote Control: Included; enhances usability

Another top-tier option is the GymNext Flex Timer, known for its premium build and advanced capabilities. This timer syncs with a mobile app, giving you the power to control your workout regimes even on effective arm workouts with a tricep bar.

  • Sync Capability: Mobile app integration
  • Durability: Built to withstand gym environments

Types of Gym Timers

Selecting a gym timer well-suited for your workouts is important. From a simple stopwatch to elaborate, multifunctional clocks, the range caters to different training needs and environments.

Classic Stopwatch Timers

Stopwatch timers are the most traditional and iconic forms of timing your exercise sessions. They are designed to be handheld with a display for the elapsed time, which you can start, stop, and reset at will. Ideal for a variety of workouts, including running and swimming, these stopwatches often come with lap memory and are a staple for personal trainers and athletes. For insights into improving your cardiovascular health through running or other exercises, selecting an elliptical, treadmill, or bike for your fitness regime could enhance your workout routine.

Wall-Mounted Gym Clocks

Wall-mounted gym clocks offer a fixed timing solution that can be easily viewed from all corners of your gym. With their large, clear displays, wall-mounted timers are advantageous during HIIT sessions or when timing rest intervals in your weight training program. These timers, such as those found in many CrossFit gyms, often have customizable functions including count up/down, stopwatch mode, and interval training settings, allowing you to tailor them to diverse workout structures.

Portable and Compact Timers

For athletes on-the-move or those with space constraints, portable and compact timers bring versatility to your timing tools. Despite their smaller size, these timers are powerfully functional, often with rechargeable batteries and magnetic backings for easy attachment to gym equipment. Their LED displays ensure legibility, and some units feature wireless connectivity to facilitate control across distances, which is especially useful if you’re moving around during your routine. Portable timers provide the flexibility needed for outdoor workouts, remote training sessions, or simply because you prefer a less permanent setup.

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Key Features to Consider

When choosing the best gym timer for your workouts, pay close attention to the display clarity, range of functions, and the durability that suits your fitness environment.

Visibility and Display

An LED display is essential for visibility, ensuring you can easily see the time from all angles and distances during your workout. For instance, larger displays like a jumbo countdown timer might be beneficial for large spaces. It’s also worth considering timers with adjustable brightness to cater to different lighting conditions.

Functionality and Programs

Your gym timer should have a variety of functions, such as a loud buzzer and an adjustable volume control for different workout spaces. The features should include programmability for creating custom workouts that can enhance exercises like push-ups by signaling rest and active periods accurately. Also, make sure it has a reasonable battery life to avoid constant recharging.

Durability and Warranty

Choose a timer with a robust build quality to withstand the demanding gym environment. Check the warranty policy to ensure that you’re protected against defects and damages. Durable gym timers sustain less wear over time and offer more value for your investment in the long term. A good warranty might indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in its product durability.

Interval Training Assistants

Choosing the right gym timer can enhance your interval training by keeping track of your workout segments efficiently. Whether you’re into HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, or AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) and EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), the right timer is critical for success.

Timers for HIIT

For your HIIT sessions, you need a reliable timer that can handle short bursts of activity followed by rest periods. A versatile option is the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch, which is compact and can be programmed for complex interval patterns — essential for the variable nature of HIIT workouts.

Timers for Tabata

Tabata workouts demand precision since you work hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds over 4-minute cycles. A timer like the Seesii Gym Timer has a clear display and offers preset workout modes, including Tabata, to keep you on track without missing a beat.

Timers for AMRAP and EMOM

AMRAP and EMOM workouts test your ability to maintain performance over timed intervals. Choosing a timer with the ability to save different programs, such as the Gymboss Minimax, can help you transition smoothly between intervals. This is especially handy when you’re targeting multiple drills or focusing on improving your cardiovascular exercise benefits as treadmills work on various muscles.

Incorporating structured interval training like Tabata and HIIT into your routine can lead to significant fitness improvements. For additional ways to strengthen your core and enhance flexibility, you might consider integrating Pilates into your regimen for challenges such as sacroiliac joint pain. Remember, the best tool will be the one that suits your workout style and keeps you motivated.

Home Gym Integration

Integrating a gym timer into your home gym setup adds structure and efficiency to your workouts. With the right device, you can synchronize with smart technology or rely on stand-alone features tailored to your fitness regime.

Syncing with Smart Devices

Modern home gyms are often equipped with a range of smart devices, and gym timers are no exception. Timers like the GymNext Flex offer compatibility with smartphone apps, allowing you to control your workout regimes from your phone seamlessly. You can start, pause, and track your intervals directly, without interrupting your workout to manually adjust the timer.

Stand-alone Versatility

However, if you’re not keen on integrating technology into your workouts, options like the Slevio Portable and the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch boast their stand-alone virtues. These devices come with remote control features, making it simple to switch modes or set times from across the room. They’re also portable, which makes them a great fit for spaces such as an outdoor gym, where you might not want to rely on your smartphone. For those colder days, a stand-alone timer means you can keep your hands free for a warm pair of gloves, and perhaps one of the top heaters as recommended in this article about the best heaters for a garage gym.

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Practical Insights and Tips

When you choose a gym timer, remember it’s about enhancing training efficiency and monitoring your workout progress. Find one that’s user-friendly, and for maintenance, make sure it’s a breeze.

Maintaining Your Gym Timer

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining your gym timer. Here’s how you keep it in top shape:

  • Regularly check the power source, whether it’s batteries or a power cord, to ensure uninterrupted functionality.
  • Dust off the display and controls to keep the view clear and the buttons responsive.
  • Update any associated apps to ensure you have access to the latest training settings and functionality.

Quick Tip: With timers like the GymNext Flex Timer, which are often connected to an app, updating software is crucial for both ease of use and access to any new features.

Maximizing Timer Usage

To really make your timer work for you, engage with all its features. Here’s what you can do:

  • Experiment with different training settings, such as Tabata, AMRAP, or custom intervals to match your workout style.
  • Use the timer to track your rest periods actively, encouraging discipline in your workout structure.
  • Analyze the data if your timer stores workout information, to monitor your progress over time.

Remember, the right timer can be a game-changer in your workouts. For instance, by understanding how to properly use a chest fly machine for maximum results, you can utilize your timer to set the perfect rest and work ratios.

Keep these insights in mind, and you’ll not only extend the life of your gym timer but also take your training to the next level.

Purchasing Guide

When selecting the best home gym timer to enhance your workouts, two main factors are paramount: where to purchase and what features to consider.

Where to Buy

You’ll find gym timers available across a spectrum of retail platforms. From dedicated fitness equipment websites to general e-commerce giants like Amazon, the options are varied. Brick-and-mortar stores specializing in sports equipment might also stock a selection of timers, although the range and stock levels can be less consistent than online. Consider exploring online reviews to inform your choice before committing to a purchase.

What to Check Before Buying

Functionality is crucial—look for a timer that offers not just basic start and stop functions but also interval settings for different types of workouts. Durability should be considered, too, especially if you prefer vigorous workout sessions. A timer with a robust build will last longer. The display needs to be clear and large enough to be seen from across your gym space. Some timers offer Bluetooth connectivity, which can be extremely convenient as it allows you to control the timer remotely through an app.

Remote Control and Wall Mounting: Versatility in mounting options, like being able to place it on a stand or mount it on a wall, is significant for ease of viewing. Having a remote control adds convenience.

Sound Features: Some timers come with different alert sounds, which can be an important feature depending on whether you are in a noise-sensitive environment.

When chasing personal bests, you might want the ability to track and record your workout time accurately, in which case comparing the features of Whoop & Garmin trackers could potentially be as important as choosing a gym timer. They offer detailed analytics which could complement your use of a gym timer.

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Price Point: Gym timers come in a variety of price ranges. Cost can be reflective of additional functionalities and brand reputation. In any case, ensure that the price aligns with the quality and range of features offered.

Reviews: It’s worthwhile to read up on user reviews and buying guides, which can be a rich source of information to gauge the reliability and usefulness of the gym timers you are considering. These insights often capture real-life usage experiences that can inform your final decision.

Brands and Recommendations

When you’re serious about training, timing is everything. You need a gym timer that can keep up with the intensity of your workouts. Here’s the rundown on trusty picks that won’t break the bank and top-tier timers for the most demanding fitness enthusiasts.

Budget-Conscious Picks

  • BTBSIGN LED Gym Timer: Perfect for interval training, this medium-sized timer provides the control you need without a hefty price tag. It’s a brilliant choice when you want efficiency paired with economy.
  • GymBoss Interval Timer and Stopwatch: An excellent selection for fitness enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly option that can assist with a variety of workout styles, including intervals and stopwatches.

High-End Choices

  • GymNext Flex Timer: This is the premium option you’ve been looking for. It allows you to sync across multiple devices and is ideal for a seamless fitness experience, especially in a home gym environment.
  • Rogue Echo Gym Timer: If durability and functionality are high on your list, the Rogue Home Timer stands out. It’s feature-rich for your demanding workouts and is a favorite among athletes for its reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking to optimize your workouts with a gym timer, you want to ensure you’re choosing one with the right features and functionalities. Here are some specific points to consider when selecting the ideal timer for your fitness regime.

What features should I look for in a gym timer for high-intensity workouts?

For high-intensity intervals, you need a gym timer with a clear display, loud enough alarms to hear over your music, and ease of programming for custom workout sessions. Look for timers like the GymNext Flex Timer, which offer programmability for various workout types.

How do portable gym timers compare to wall-mounted options?

Portable gym timers give you flexibility in location and are usually smaller in size, making them easy to move around or take with you. In contrast, wall-mounted timers like the Ivation 48″ Jumbo Countdown Timer have larger displays and are more permanently fixed, which could be preferable for a dedicated gym space.

Can you recommend an app that’s ideal for CrossFit timing?

Yes, there are apps such as the GymNext Flex Timer app that sync with physical timers to offer enhanced functionalities like storing workouts and sharing timers across devices, which can be perfect for CrossFit timing.

What’s the advantage of using a battery-powered workout timer?

A battery-powered timer, such as the SLEVIO Portable, offers the advantage of being more flexible and not reliant on proximity to electrical outlets. This can be particularly useful if you train in various locations or outdoors where power isn’t readily available.

How do interval timers enhance gym sessions?

Interval timers allow for precise timing of work-to-rest ratios, which is crucial for interval training. They can help keep you accountable, ensure consistent workout lengths, and allow you to focus on your workout rather than the clock.

What should I consider when choosing between different brands of gym timers like GymNext and ANJANK?

When deciding between brands, consider the build quality, feature set, user reviews, and specific needs such as the size of the timer, remote operability, and the type of workouts you plan to do. Both GymNext and ANJANK offer reputable timers, but your choice should align with your workout requirements and environment.

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