5 Best Leg Exercise Machines for Elderly Adults

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to stay active and maintain our mobility. For many of us, this means finding the best leg exercise machines that will give us a good workout without putting too much strain on our bodies. If you’re an elderly adult looking for a great leg workout, check out these five machines that are sure to get your legs moving!

Recumbent Bikes

Exercise is an essential part of keeping our bodies fit and healthy, but for the elderly, it can often be difficult and risky. Recumbent bikes provide an excellent option for elderly persons to stay active without putting undue stress on their joints or risking falls.

These machines are usually reasonably priced, ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way up to several thousand, depending on the model chosen.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

  • The exercise bike has a 35lbs flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame for stability.
  • It features a belt driven system for a smoother and quieter ride.
  • The bike has adjustable handlebars, padded seat, and a large range of resistance for personalized comfort.
  • The LCD monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, and odometer. It also has an iPad holder.
  • The bike is safe to use with adjustable cage pedals, a resistance bar for immediate stopping, and protected parts.


  • Smooth and stable cycling experience with 35lbs flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Quiet operation with belt-driven system, perfect for apartment living or when kids are sleeping.
  • Great Price
  • LCD monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer for easy progress tracking.
  • Safety features include adjustable cage pedals, quick-stop resistance bar, and protected parts.
  • 270 lbs weight capacity


  • Could get a little wobbly when set at the highest settings
  • The seat could be a little uncomfortable for some

There are many benefits to using a recumbent bike over other exercise options:

Ease of Use:

Because the user sits in a reclined position rather than standing or facing towards a wall like regular excercise bikes, recumbent bikes offer greater stability and support for the body compared to other types of machines.

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Additionally, these systems come with adjustable resistance settings so users can slowly increase their activity level as they build strength and fitness over time. They also feature comfortable padded seats that make it even easier for seniors to use them.

Excellent Workout:

From low-impact cardio to muscular conditioning exercises and endurance training, recumbent bikes are an ideal choice for elderly individuals who want to remain active but can’t engage in strenuous physical activities due to age-related medical conditions or mobility restrictions.

And because they work out both the upper and lower body simultaneously, users can get significant calorie burn while toning different muscle groups with one simple machine.

At Home Alternatives:

If purchasing a recumbent bike isn’t feasible, there are some at home alternatives which include resistance bands and walking aids such as treadmills. Alternatively, light-weight dumbbells are great for weight training exercises that help tone muscles and build stamina.

The Elliptical Machine

Elderly individuals can benefit greatly from regular cardio exercises and the use of an elliptical machine can help them achieve and maintain a healthy heart rate through low-impact, full body movements.

An elliptical machine is easy to operate and allow senior citizens to target different muscle groups while avoiding placing unnecessary strain on the body.

Furthermore, some models come with pre-set workout apps, diagnostics charts, calorie counters, and other features that make it easier for elderly people to stay motivated and properly track their progress.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

  • Goal Track capability enables users to set individual exercise goals by tracking time, distance and calories to compare with previous workouts
  • 20″ stride with Precision Path foot motion technology simulates a natural running motion
  • High speed, high inertia drive system offers easy start-up and smooth, quiet workouts
  • Large cushioned footplates contribute to comfortable, low-impact workouts
  • Ergonomically placed moving and fixed handlebars provide flexibility for hand placement
  • 20 levels of computer controlled resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
  • Manually adjustable ramp provides 6 different incline options
  • Charging USB port to keep phones, tablets or music players at full battery life

Exercises to Do

Elliptical machines are versatile pieces of equipment that provide several options for seniors looking to add exercise into their routine.

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By using the handles, users will be able to work their arms as well as their legs for a full body workout.

Depending on how much resistance they add into their session, users can choose from walking, jogging or running at any level of intensity according to how hard they would like exercise.

Weighted handlebars can further help increase the difficulty by adding extra upper body workouts which strengthen the arms and torso.

Cost of Machine

The cost of an elliptical machine varies depending on its features, size and brand/model.

There are dozens of mid-range options available starting at around $500 dollars up to $2000 dollars for sleek contemporary designs equipped with a variety of apps and interactive programming.

Lower end models may not have such features but they still achieve great results if used properly with features including built-in displays tracking speed distance and time plus adjustable inclines and stride lengths all under 500 dollar price tags per pieces .

At Home Alternatives

If budget restrictions limit buying an elliptical machine outright or even leasing one from a store there are also affordable alternatives recommended for elderly individuals looking to exercise at home without breaking the bank.

Investing in a treadmill may also be a viable option as well as accessorizing existing internal home fitness equipment like weights benches etc in order create your own customized mini gym.

Additionally online platforms like Spin Class or yoga classes provide audio/video aerobic instruction tailored specifically for older adults that hassles the need to invest in yet another physical piece of equipment

The Rowing Machine

Using a rowing machine for elderly people is becoming increasingly popular. It can provide a wide range of benefits to help improve overall health, such as strength and cardiovascular benefits.

Not only that, but it’s also an accessible piece of equipment that is suitable for almost any ability level or age group.

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Rowing machines offer numerous physical and mental benefits to seniors.

They’re low impact so they are gentle on the joints of almost any ability level or age group and can even strengthen bones as well as muscles.

Using a rowing machine regularly also helps increase cardiovascular fitness levels and burn calories due to the aerobic challenge it provides.

On top of that, studies have shown that regular use has helped reduce cases of depression in seniors who suffer from it.


The best part about using a rowing machine for seniors is the variability with which the workouts can be performed to suit anyone’s needs and abilities – from beginner to advanced levels .

Some exercises include: basic strokes, reverse strokes and interval sprints which all help build core strength, endurance and mobility quickly – especially with proper form focused on throughout each exercise.

Finally, if you’re able (and if your doctor says it’s okay), try rowing in open water! It provides an extra sense of freedom while still keeping your joints relaxed through the workout routine you’ve learned with your rower indoors.

Cost of Machine / At Home Alternatives

Rowing machines vary greatly in price depending on their quality.

Generally speaking, entry level models range from $100-$500 whereas higher end models tend to go beyond $2000 dollars. For those wishing to purchase a more affordable model, look online or check out second hand stores where you may be able to find just what you need without breaking the bank!

If purchasing something isn’t an option then there are definitely great alternatives available at home such as chair-rowers or resistance band rows which can still deliver many of the same benefits available from traditional rowing machines making these options more desired by some over conventional ones due to size constrictions in their homes.

The Stair Climber

Stair climbers are a great way for elderly individuals to stay physically fit. As we age, our muscles and joints often lose strength and become weaker over time, but with regular low-impact exercises such as stair climbing, we can maintain our physical health and wellness.

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Not only do stair climbers allow us to stay in shape, they also provide a great source of cardiovascular exercise that can help keep our heart healthy and strong.

They help improve overall fitness levels while decreasing risks associated with fall injuries due to aging joints. Furthermore, these machines help build muscle tone in our legs and glutes so that we can better navigate stairs or step up onto curbs when out for a walk or running errands.

Exercises to Do with a Stair Climber

Using a stair climber is a safe yet intense form of exercising that can be tailored to any fitness level or ability.

From brisk walking to high intensity interval training (HIIT), there are plenty of exercises that an individual can do on the stair climber machine such as stair squats, step-ups, lunges and calf raises.

These exercises target large muscle groups in your lower body which helps you become stronger and more toned.

Additionally, some machines come equipped with handlebars that offer support while providing arm strength training routines for upper body exercises such as tricep extensions or bent-over rows.

Cost of Stair Climbing Machine

The cost of purchasing or renting a stair climber depends on the model you choose and where you buy it from. Most retail stores online will have machines ranging from $200-$5,000 depending on brand name recognition or inclusion of extra features like incline settings or digital displays/monitors.

Home fitness centers may also offer monthly rental services for those who cannot afford to buy their own machine outright but still want access to one whenever necessary.

At Home Alternatives

If buying or renting your own machine isn’t an option at this time, there are many at home alternatives which serve similar purposes when done diligently: using stairs within your home; low impact shapers; lunges; step ups; running; jogging outdoors; resistance bands; etc.

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All these options require minimal space but still offer great calorie burning benefits when done regularly enough each day by incorporating them into your daily routine slowly forming habits along the way that just might stick through adulthood longevity!

The Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is one of the most effective ways for senior citizens to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It is not only beneficial for fitness purposes but also for elderly people’s overall well being. The leg press machine has several benefits for this specific demographic, making it a great addition to any home or gym.

woman on gym equipment

Benefits of Leg Press Machines for Elderly:

First, this type of equipment can help seniors increase strength and endurance in their legs.

By mounting onto the machine and pushing against the resistance provided by adjustable weights, their leg muscles become stronger and more limber.

This increased muscle strength can help individuals with walking, standing up from chairs or beds, climbing stairs, and with activities like dancing or hiking.

Another important benefit is that it can help those who are suffering from osteoporosis-related stability issues. When done in conjunction with weight-bearing exercises like bone training drills and pelvic bracing exercises which emphasize good posture and core control practices, it can substantially reduce the risk of falls.

Additionally, this machine gives seniors an opportunity to practice balance while doing moderate amounts of weight training — a concept often referred to as reverse resistive training — which helps keep bones healthy during aging by forcing them to react quickly during regular use of the exercise equipment.

Exercises Using a Leg Press Machine:

Any routine on this kind of machine should include some basic warm up exercises such as calf stretches, quadriceps stretches, hamstrings stretches and hip flexor stretches prior to starting any exercises on the apparatus itself.

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Once warmed up there are a variety of leg pressing exercises that seniors can try including squats (for thigh muscles), leg extensions (to target quadriceps), step ups (for calf muscles) and single-leg presses (to work isolated muscles).

Make sure to alternate between legs with each exercise set so as to ensure equal development of both sides.

Alternative Home Options:

The cost associated with purchasing a leg press machine may be inhibitive for some families but there are plenty of home alternative options available that provide similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Bodyweight knee raises off a bench or chair as well as wall sitting while holding light dumbbells or other weighted objects close to the body at chest level–these activities work targeted lower body muscles at varying degrees depending on difficulty level chosen.

Other alternatives include band walks/lunges around the house or garden engaging your outer hip structures simultaneously in slow controlled movements; bodyweight squats; curtsy lunges; plie squat stands into quads lifts working your inner thighs in addition to gluteal medius muscle group; Bosu ball ankle dollies; plyometric box jumps; toe taps on staircases/curbs etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are an elderly adult looking for a leg exercise machine to use at home, there are several great options available.

The recumbent bike and elliptical machine are both low-impact and provide a full-body workout, while the rowing machine and stair climber are great for getting some cardio in.

For those who want to focus on lower body strength training, the leg press machine is perfect. No matter which option you choose, be sure to start slowly and increase your intensity level gradually to avoid injury.

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