Should You Buy the Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical? (Not Sponsored)

The Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer is a budget-friendly cross-trainer that comes with impressive features. In this review, we will look at the pros and cons of this elliptical, its compatibility with iFit, its build quality, and the small extras that make it stand out from other budget models.

Reasons to Buy

iFit Compatibility

The Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer is compatible with iFit, a popular subscription service with live training, video libraries, stats tracking, and social functions. With the Sport E2.0, you get a full month of iFit for the family, and after the trial period, you will know whether the service is right for you and whether to continue.

High-Contrast Console

This elliptical works perfectly with the colour contrast console, and you can also use other training apps (via your own phone or tablet).

Digital Resistance with SMR Technology

The Sport E2.0 features digital resistance with SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) technology, which allows you to adjust the resistance via the console without having to stop your workout. This technology also ensures that your elliptical is quiet and the resistance is smooth and predictable.

Sturdy Build

At 46kg, the Sport E2.0 is notably heavier than other budget models, which provides a sturdy base for your workout. The black, silver, and red trim looks smart, and the functional design, with wide pedals, curved poles, and a bottle holder, makes it a practical pick.

Small Extras

The Sport E2.0 comes with built-in speakers that you can plug your iPod or phone into, a built-in water bottle holder, wheels for easy mobility, a tablet/phone holder, and bigger than average pedals for extra comfort.

Reasons to Not Buy


Due to the nature of this product, some assembly is required when the unit arrives at your home, and it is recommended to have an additional person to assist in the assembly process.

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iFit Subscription

Note that you need your own tablet or phone, along with the iFit app, to use iFit, and after the trial period, you will need to pay for a subscription.

Customer Service

Some users have reported issues with customer service, with the company ignoring their complaints or sending the wrong parts.

Price is Under $300

The Proform Sport E2.0 Elliptical Trainer is a budget-friendly model, and the price is lower than many other ellipticals with similar features. However, it is still a significant investment, and you should consider your budget and your fitness goals before making a purchase.


In conclusion, the Proform Sport E2.0 elliptical trainer is a budget-friendly option with impressive features and compatibility with the popular iFit service. It offers a sturdy build with 6kg of effective resistance and a recommended user weight capacity of 115kg. The SMR technology ensures a smooth and quiet workout experience, while the high-contrast console and built-in speakers make it easy to use and enjoy your workout. However, the assembly process might be a bit trickier than indicated and the customer service received by some users has been described as ineffective. Overall, the Sport E2.0 is a good choice for those looking for a functional and affordable elliptical trainer with the added benefit of iFit compatibility, but it’s advisable to consider other options as well and weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

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